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  Some Details On The Samsung C7000

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PostSubject: Some Details On The Samsung C7000   Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:04 am

3D movies are taking over the movie theaters and smashing through box office records. Obviously, there is something highly appealing about the 3D experience to moviegoers and they seem to always want more of it. Unfortunately, they have yet to be able to take that 3D experience home with them to share with friends and family. Fortunately, some major television manufacturers have announced that they are planning on selling 3D televisions and disc players in the coming months. Samsung, for example, has just stated that its 3D television, called the Samsung C7000, will be out this year.

3D technology has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Its history actually begins just before the twentieth century. Most of us, however, can only remember as far back as those silly paper glasses we used to have to wear with one blue lens and one red lens. These glasses would allow us to watch a movie that had the correct color composition applied to it in 3D. However, prolonged 3D watching with those glasses was known to cause headaches.

Not only does this new television offer the incredible 2D to 3D they all will also be equipped with an Ethernet actually built into the television. This will allow its owners to access Internet television as well as specialized Samsung applications.

The televisions and disc players that are going to be released later this year will be utilizing the same technology as the popular 3D movies we know and love. This technology is called RealD and is far superior to the previous technologies, since it is easier to watch and is not known to cause migraines. Additionally, the glasses you have to wear have experienced a stylish upgrade and now look like sunglasses.

When you watch a 3D movie in the cinema that has been made using RealD technology, you have to wear special glasses. Also, a digital projector is used and a special screen must be installed. These RealD movies are made by recording images with custom designed cameras that take in two images at a time, each representing the perspective of each of your eyes.

There haven't been too many details released about the C7000 yet. What is known, though, is that it will have a plasma screen. It will also have a built in Ethernet connection, and possibly have Wi-Fi capabilities. This gives people access to Samsung Apps and the Internet, so you can access Netflix, Blockbuster, and Pandora with it. Additionally, this television might be able to convert 2D images into 3D content.

When the 3D televisions are released, 3D Blu-ray disc players will be also. Additionally, when watching movies and programming in 3D, you will still need to put on the special 3D glasses to achieve the 3D effect. However, each television will most likely include only one pair of these glasses, so you will have to invest in extra pairs if you want to watch with others.

There is not much waiting time left until you will be able to take 3D televisions and disc players home with you. Of the many choices you will have is the Samsung C7000 3D television, which comes from a well respected brand.

Samsung, wanting to please their customers, have also added an extra feature that allows the user to adjust the quality of the picture to their own personal liking. This feature is called the calibration mode.

Another nice feature that comes with the Samsung C7000 is the feature that makes the viewing of Blue Ray DVDs an experience like they were in a modern theatre viewing the movie.

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Some Details On The Samsung C7000
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