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  The Great And The Ugly Designed For Toshiba 55WX800U 3D HDTV.

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PostSubject: The Great And The Ugly Designed For Toshiba 55WX800U 3D HDTV.   Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:03 am

What's Good point because of this Toshiba 55WX800U: (The Good)
- HD picture quality is excellent! Any siphon or media in 720p or higher in native display is fantastic! It feels as you are in the set of the movie or at the stadium whenever watching movies and sports in HD.
- Physical appearance of the TV is among the best on the market. They can be a beautiful TV. It is especially shiny as others experience mentioned though I'm ok achievable. We currently have solid blinds on our windows so it's not hard to remove the glare when the sun is out simply by shutting this curtains. Also with note some have commented that the stand is "flimsy" or perhaps "unsteady" This is simply A falacy if people assemble the item properly. The stand is pretty thick along with stylish. Very good engineering by Toshiba as much as I'm nervous. My stand and my TV are very sturdy. Possible not become happier aided by the physical style and design and appearance of this TV set.
- 3D is clean and soft with little to no cross communicate. (I need yet to note any combination talk whilst viewing 3-d content)So far we've got watched Resident Evil: AfterLife, and Despicable Us on 3d Blu Ray with my PS3 as dogs with aggressive behavior and the end results of both movies were outstanding. We also watched Clash Of the Titans, Wild Ocean, together with a replay of the 2011 NHL Winter Classic all in 3D through our cable provider's Video on Demand service. We're very impressed with the 3D and I really enjoy the feature. I merely wish this TV could do 2D to 3D conversion so that our content selection might be bigger.
- 2D Gaming on my PS3 is awesome. Best TV I've actually plaFced any motion blur. The color and picture clarity from the graphics are mouth dropping. I have yet to endeavor 3D games but I watched some 3D trailers on G4 and so they look rather cool.
-Menus are simple navigate and there's lots of options open to customize the display. I enjoy the preset Sports and Game modes for what they are really intended for the purpose of but anytime watching motion pictures or standard TV some tinkering with custom settings is needed. The very good news is that one can save settings that you like to the memory and then toggle to them for potential use which means you just do it once.
-2 Free Pairs of 3D Glasses w/ Amazon Promo plus 52% off manufacturer suggested retail price of the TV. You extremely can't do any better on price unless you're prepared wait until June for more sophisticated models to become released and at the same time there is a limited volume of these models left.
-ARC Support
: Viewing is actually consistently good from all angles.

What's Not Good: (The Ugly)
-No 2D to 3D up-conversion
-Only 1 Component input and it requires an adapter that's offered with the TV. This port is currently used with a Nintendo Wii on our setup which means that hopefully you don't have for an alternative.
- Standard Definition Channels don't look so excellent on this TV. I always watch in HD when it's readily available anyways and not all channels and programs are easily obtainable in HD yet.
- Internet Widgets typically are not the best. Netflix, VUDU, Pandora, Blockbuster, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeXL, and select Yahoo Widgets will be included. However you'll find NO Skype, Amazon VOD, and also Hulu widgets currently included in the software package.

I adore this 3D TV. I also encourage this TV for you actually too.

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The Great And The Ugly Designed For Toshiba 55WX800U 3D HDTV.
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