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 His discography consists o

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PostSubject: His discography consists o   Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:15 pm

I absolutely adore this man. I think he is unbelievably talented and he's one of my favorite current artists, so I've decided to review his discography. He is a classically trained violinist, which is the center instrument for most of his music, but he is also proficient on the guitar, glockenspiel and whistling. He started out playing less contemporary folk and jazz music and has progressed to alternative/indie and experimental music.

His discography consists of:

Music of Hair (1996)

with "Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire"
Thrills (1998)
Oh! The Graneur (1999)
The Swimming Hour (2001)

Solo Career:
Weather Systems (2003)
The Mysterious Production of Eggs (2005)
Armchair Apocrypha (2007)
Noble Beast (2009)

Three Live Albums:
Fingerlings (2002)
Fingerlings 2 (2004)
Fingerlings 3 (2006)

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His discography consists o
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