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 At these concerts

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PostSubject: At these concerts   Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:26 pm

At these concerts, Bache frequently appeared as soloist, accompanist or conductor, but he also engaged other artists in an attempt to show he was not giving the concerts out of self-aggrandizement. B├╝low conducted two concerts, Edward Dannreuther led the orchestra in two concerts. August Manns, the conductor of a series of orchestral concerts held at the Crystal Palace and an admirer of Liszt's works, led four concerts.[35] The majority of instrumentalists engaged were also members of the Crystal Palace orchestra to ensure the level of performance was as high as possible.[36] Among guest soloists was the noted violinist August Wilhelmj, who played the Bach Chaconne in D minor at one concert.[31]

For these concerts, Bache programmed five of Liszt's symphonic poems, the Faust and Dante symphonies, the Thirteenth Psalm and the Legend of St. Elisabeth.[34] Works of Berlioz, Schumann and Wagner were also featured, but Liszt's compositions predominated.[37] While the performances of the Faust and Dante symphonies were British premieresbest car insurance
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At these concerts
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