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 Before he moved to Rome

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PostSubject: Before he moved to Rome   Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:07 pm

Before he moved to Rome, in June 1863, Bache returned to Birmingham to raise funds for the erection of a memorial window to his brother Edward. Among these efforts was a performance of Mendelssohn's oratorio St. Paul, at which his organ playing was noted, and a solo piano recital which featured a few pieces by Liszt.[13] Critics proved unreceptive to Liszt's music and Bache was advised to program less adventurous works if he wanted his career to succeed.[27] Matters had not improved when Bache settled in London in 1865. The War of the Romantics between musically conservative and liberal factions was in full swing and he found himself branded as "dangerous" for having studied with Liszt.[28] This was vividly illustrated when Bache called upon J.W. Davison, then the most powerful music critic in London. Such a call was not unwarranted: Davison had been acquainted with Edward and shared that brother's conservative musical views. Bache related that when he called on Davison and handed in his card, the maid returned and told him, "Please, sir, Mr. Davison says that he is not at home."[28]web email extractor
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Before he moved to Rome
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