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  The Top Five Most Popular IPad Applications

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PostSubject: The Top Five Most Popular IPad Applications   Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:49 pm

The iPad is a recently released and critically praised tablet computer. It was provided to the public in the middle of 2010 and so far roughly three million of the tablets have been purchased. The thin device is a good platform for documents, audio files, and movies and it has a multitouch display.

A very appealing aspect of this device is that any kind of applications can be downloaded on it. In the App Store there are roughly 25,000 applications that are geared towards it. Users can find apps that will fit their lifestyle or amuse them, easily, since the apps are arranged in categories like "business" and "health". However, many people won't know what they're looking for and should read this article regarding the device's top five apps.

One must have application, for college students especially, is called Evernote. You can take notes with it in your own handwriting that are automatically synced with your account online. This means your school or work notes can be easily accessed from your Apple device and your computer.

The computer also makes a great cook book. With the Epicurious app, users can gain access to thousands of easy to read recipes. The application allows you to search for recipes based off of the ingredients you currently have in your kitchen as well.

The best news application, by far, is that of the Wall Street Journal's. It is able to upload each day's newspaper to your computer in only a couple of seconds. You can also clip specific articles or parts of the newspaper and toss out the rest. The app is free although a subscription to the Wall Street Journal does cost money.

Stay safe and informed with constant updates from The Weather Channel. The application is critically acclaimed and features clear pictures and information that's easy to access. Users can set the app to play loud alarms when moderate to severe weather strikes near or around your area.

Urbanspoon is another great iPad app. After plugging in your zip code, you can ask the application to randomly choose a restaurant you should eat at. You can even set it to choose from a specific type of food, like Mexican or fast food. After an eatery is chosen, the app offers the business's phone number and driving directions to help you get there. Urbanspoon is a great way for people to learn about and experience new foods around your city.

If developers keep it up, there is much to look forward to in the tablet application industry. So what do you think? Do you agree with our suggested top 5 iPad apps? Give us your recommendations, opinions or other favorites in the comments section below.

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The Top Five Most Popular IPad Applications
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